Jonathan Vilma Says Roger Goodell Won’t Hand Over Bounty Evidence


What is the hold up?

I have been critical of Vilma for some of his actions, but he has a right to defend himself and the NFL needs to pass over the evidence unless…..

“We asked for evidence and he wouldn’t give it to us,” said Vilma. “How can I defend myself when I don’t know what I’m defending against? It’s just logical, things that people decided to ignore.”

Greg Aiello of the NFL claims that they invited Vilma and his lawyer to come in and go over the evidence.

“He was invited to come in with his attorney to discuss the evidence prior to any decision on discipline. He declined. He has another opportunity to do so in his appeal. The union has been shown evidence,” said Aiello.

Someone is lying.

Either the NFL or Vilma.

Who do you believe?


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