Pacman Jones’ Lawyer Says He Doesn’t Have $11 Million to Pay Off Lawsuit


Victims of the Vegas strip club shooting were awarded an $11.6 million judgement against Pacman Jones, one problem though.

Pacman doesn’t have the money.

“It’s obviously a devastating amount for him financially,” attorney Lisa Rasmussen told the Associated Press. “He has really worked hard to make a comeback with his NFL career. He doesn’t make enough money to pay that judgment.”

Although the shooting took place shortly after Jones set off a melee inside the strip club, Rasmussen said there is no evidence that Jones was involved in the shooting. And she thinks the jury’s verdict was motivated by a combination of sympathy for the two injured strip club employees, Tommy Urbanski and Aaron Cudworth, and the belief that Jones is a wealthy celebrity who can easily afford to pay.

“People perceive him as a person who is able to pay $11 million,” she said. “Adam doesn’t even get paid until he plays his first game.”

I have sympathy for the victims as well, but I do have a problem with the judgment, because they sued someone who wasn’t there.

Why not sue the shooter?

The answer is because the shooter is in jail and has no money, so you go after the person who you think has some money.

It is a loophole in our justice system that needs to be closed. You should only be able to sue the person responsible, not the person with the most money.