Source Says Chad Ochocinco Admitted Having Trouble Learning Patriots Playbook

You can look at this one or two ways.

It wasn’t like Ochocinco has been a scrub during his NFL career, so he has to have some form of football intelligence because it is hard to succeed on athletic ability alone. Maybe, the Patriots offense just didn’t fit what he was comfortable with, so it never meshed.

The other scenario is that he can only succeed in a Bengals style offense which allowed more freelancing and playmaking.

Either way, he is going to have prove that he can fit his style in another new offense. If he doesn’t this will be his last stop in the NFL.

Pro Football Zone has the details.

According to Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe, wide receiver Chad Ochocinco admitted to a source within the Miami Dolphins organization that he failed to grasp the Patriots playbook last season.

“The guy did all but admit that it was a struggle for him mentally, the playbook, all that stuff,’’ the source said, per Bedard. “He didn’t deny that it was a problem for him, learning it up there.’’