Terrell Owens Says He’s Being Extorted..Woman Says T.O. Pleasured Himself, Releases Photo

Technically he isn’t being extorted.

If he was being extorted the woman would be trying to get money from him. The woman in question is trying to get money from the media. If T.O. gave her the pics freely, technically she could sell them to the highest bidder.

I understand what T.O. is saying though, but only have himself to blame.

T.O.’s Skype buddy said she met him on Twitter when she complimented his appearance and they began direct-messaging there before moving to Skype.

During their first Skype encounter, the woman claims, Owens was already naked and erect when the video call began. She estimates watching Owens pleasure himself on 10 separate occasions during which she denies exposing herself or talking dirty.

She says Owens would “tell me things he wanted to do to me.”

We asked why she was trying to sell the pictures and brief video clip, and it turns out it’s because Owens stopped responding to her on Skype, she says.

“He was getting back with his girlfriend and sent a few replies like, ‘Who is this? I don’t know you,'” she said. “The money is a bonus, but he needs to know not to do stuff like this.”

“It’s obvious that she has nothing because it’s illegal with what she’s trying to do or otherwise TMZ would have bought the photos,” Owens told us by email Tuesday.

“This is a case of extortion, this is a waste of my time and you’re wasting your time because I have nothing to say,” Owens said.

When we responded by sending him two pictures from the woman, he did not deny that it was him in the photographs.

The email address of the woman selling the pictures matches an email address used by an escort in the Seattle/Portland area.

When asked if she is an escort, the would-be seller said she lives in the South, and used a friend’s email address to contact us. We asked if her friend is an escort in the Portland/Seattle area and she said, “I think she is.”

To be clear, the woman maintains she has never met Owens in person.

Late last night, Owens wrote us again to say, in part “I’m not sure what you or her are trying to accomplish. At the end of the day God is good. It’s unfortunate people make attempts to ruin people’s lives.

On some level I do feel for T.O.

With that being said the story is hilarious.

I hate repeating myself, but Owens of all people should know better. You can’t trust anyone and you definitely can’t be on Skype getting your Pee Wee Herman on to a woman you never met.  Also one of my rules of the cheating commandments is to be nice to your jumpoffs. Don’t just drop them and act like you don’t know who they are.

Come on T.O., you can’t keep taking all these Ls


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