Vince Young Will Have to Beat Out Tyler Thigpen to Secure Roster Spot on Bills


Considering Young is suing his financial advisers for allegedly stealing over $18 million, he needs this roster spot badly.

According to Pro Football Talk, that spot isn’t guaranteed.

Young and Tyler Thigpen aren’t just fighting for the job backing up Ryan Fitzpatrick, but that they are fighting for a roster spot. Since recovering from an abdominal straing, Thigpen has been taking most of the snaps with the second team this spring. The battle should last well into the summer, though, and Young should get more chances to make his argument for the job.

Brad Smith will be the #3 quarterback no matter what happens.

Tyler Thigpen has a career record as a starter of 1-11, so if VY can’t beat him out, you can expect him to sign with the Allen Wranglers, because his NFL career will be over.


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