Alleged Dwight Howard DM’s Trashing the Magic Leaked (Photos)

The DMs were sent to @MagicMarkee.

I have confirmed that the DMs did indeed come from Dwight Howard’s account. I have also confirmed though that multiple people on Dwight’s team have access to his Twitter account including a cousin and business manager who post many of the promotional tweets you see on his timeline.

It is also believe it is these same associates who have been pushing Dwight to go to Brooklyn for their own personal gains.  It is very easy to differeiante between when Dwight is Tweeting and when the “team” is Tweeting.

Dwight tweets in mostly short one and two words answers.  The Team tweets in complete sentences and normally with links to promotional material.

So, who knows who is the mouthpiece is behind the DMs could be Dwight or his team. But the messages are legit and once again proves that Dwight Howard and whoever is advising him aren’t very bright.



19 thoughts on “Alleged Dwight Howard DM’s Trashing the Magic Leaked (Photos)

  • Sounds like his health my be in question….

  • Y would he be literate on twitter? Its only 160 characters and I believe his story

  • ah i see, dwight gonna act like it wasnt him, smh

  • i think perhaps the big stars who left orlando were coach and team killers first..shaqs whining about how the orlando press was after him(yeah, all 4 of them)..penny hardaway was just a pain,and umm…i cant think of another one… not that the mgmnt was stellar during any of this, but dwight did this to dwight

  • You have brought up a very fantastic points , thanks for the post.

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