Bulls Fans Salty Because Derrick Rose Spotted Limping Out of Hollywood Club (Video)


Not exactly sure what Bulls fan are upset about.

Rose can not go out and have a good time just because his ACL was torn in 70 pieces? Believe it or not players injured or not like to hit the club.  Forums and social media are up in arms about it, but is isn’t like Rose is on house arrest, settle down.

TMZ shot footage of the 23-year-old — who tore his left ACL back in April — limping his way out of The Roxbury nightclub around 1:30 AM … surrounded by his entourage.

Yes, we know, we asked a stupid question considering the situation … but still, Rose’s appearance at the club is a pretty shocking move, considering he signed a $95 million contract extension back in December. Taking his busted knee to a place filled with stumbling, drunken people might not be the wisest decision.

It might not be a wise decision, but he had more security than Floyd Mayweather. No one was going to get close to Rose’s Knee.

I know it is hot out, but guys still wear White Tees to the club?


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