Dennis Rodman Sees His Dad Who Fathered 29 Kids for First Time in 42 Years


Antonio Cromartie has nothing on Dennis Rodman’s pops.

The definition of Papa was a rolling stone.

Former NBA star Dennis Rodmanhas finally met his estranged father after 42 years of separation, following an exhibition game in the Philippines.

Rodman told fans who attended the game that his father was in the stands, using a microphone during a timeout with just 16 seconds remaining in the game.

“I haven’t seen my father in 42 years, but that’s him sitting right there,” Rodman said, according to the Philipine Daily Inquirer. The newspaper reported that Rodman pointed to the area of the stands where his father, Philander Rodman Jr., was sitting. Rodman’s father was wearing a cap with the words “Yes, Dennis Rodman is my son” on it.

The elder Rodman, who has acknowledged fathering 29 children by 16 mothers, says he was happy and surprised that his son agreed to meet him late Wednesday.


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