Five People Shot at Rucker Parker; Nate Robinson Escapes Unharmed

In the late 80s and early 90s they had a lot of movies about street gangs and drugs. In almost all those movies there was a scene where someone shoots up a basketball court.

It was based off that happening a lot in real life during those times. Unfortunately it just happened again.

Five people were shot on a Harlem basketball court Wednesday night during an annual basketball tournament, officials and witnesses said.

Gunfire erupted around 10 p.m. at the Holcombe Rucker Park court on Frederick Douglass Boulevard near W. 155th St. after a dispute during a game for the Entertainers Basketball Classic, witnesses said.

“They started arguing, about a bad call or something like that,” said Rodney Harris, 47. “The guy was standing no more than five feet away from me. He pulled a gun out of his pocket and shot once. He then shot one more time. Everyone started running.”

“He was real close to me,” Harris said. “I thought I got shot.”

Nate Robinson, a former point guard for the Knicks, was at the game but escaped unscathed, witnesses said.

The shooter started running amongst the crowd but then walked calmly across the street toward the Fine Fare supermarket and fired a few more rounds, Harris said.

“Then he just walked away. He didn’t even run.”

Luckily all five people who were shot are expected to survive.  The thing about street ball there is rarely any security and anyone can bring in a knife, gun or weapon to the court.  Just be careful and always be aware of your surroundings.

8 thoughts on “Five People Shot at Rucker Parker; Nate Robinson Escapes Unharmed

  • Senseless violence against each other solves nothing…

  • I hope this guys gets caught. And, he just ruined it for basketball fans in the area. NBA players will likely stay away from Rucker Park for a good while.

  • Niggas will forever be the only people that’ll bust shots at a playground. *smdh*

  • Unbelievable!

    Last week there was a shooting at a Bronx park which left a 4 year old boy dead.

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