James Toney To Fight Heavyweight Tomasz Adamek

James Toney can barely speak and hasn’t done anything in years to deserve this type of fight, but this tells you how bad the heavyweight division is.

Adamek needs an opponent and NBC wants one with some name recognition, so it appears that are going to trot out Toney to get beat on for 12 rounds.

Main Events is in the process of finalizing a fight between heavyweight contender Tomasz Adamek and the completely shot James Toney, a once-great former three-division champion with name recognition, a great chin, heart and little else to offer at this stage of his career — a career that probably should have ended in 2007 after he took a massive beating from Samuel Peter in their rematch.

Toney might not even be licensed to fight, because it is clear he has suffered some brain damage throughout his career. But this is boxing, so don’t be shocked if he miraculously is cleared to fight.

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