Kim Kardashian Allegedly Caught Sexting Lakers Devin Ebanks


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Kimmy can’t help herself can she?

Doing background on RG3 and now allegedly sexting Devin Ebanks all while cheesing it up with Yeezy at the BET AWARDS.

Rumor has been spreading  that Kanye and Kim got into a major breakdown because she was caught “sexting” with Lakers Devin Ebanks. It seems that it was only flirting or as the kids call it, “sexting”, but it was enough to cause a giant uproar in Santa Monica last week.

NBA player, Kris Humphries, who was in a “reality TV show marriage” with Kim K, was very adamant that she, “never, ever got a chance to meet with Ebanks” after Kim said she thought the baller was “cute”.

This isn’t the 1st time Kimberly has been accused of Sexting and cheating in a relationship.  Who knows if this is true or not, but I did confirm that the Kris Humphries part of the story is correct and that she had taken liking to Ebanks even if she never met him personally.

I wonder does Kimmy know that Devin Ebanks cheated on his Girlfriend with Jessica Jackson aka Miss Hawaii the Kyrie Irving stalker?

Keep your eyes open Ye.


Here is a video of Ebanks admitting to having a crush on Kim Kardashian.

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  • Guess the Kanye & Kim thing has run it’s course….time for both to move on to the next jump-off…I mean ..person

  • Ah, Rob’s thirst for all things Kardashian continues…

  • Athletes and celebs need to realize that Kim K is not relationship material. She’s only good for the smash and dash-ian. Kanye should have seen this coming.

  • why do ppl want to see this girl miserable? she is ahppy with kanye and he looks happy with her this doesnt sound legit, let them be.

  • LMAO people are really sad for believing this…if it caused a “major breakdown in their relationship last week” why have they been pictured together everyday since last week happily holding hands and stuff?? get a life man and let them be jheezzz

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