Lakers Matt Barnes Arrested for Resisting Arrest and $26k in Traffic Tickets

How do you rack up $26,000 in traffic violations.

Barnes must be trying to get in the new Fast and Furious movie. If that wasn’t bad enough, he mouth off to some Super Cops and that landed him in jail.

According to law enforcement sources, Barnes was busted by police in Manhattan Beach, CA for a misdemeanor traffic warrant, and we’re told he also resisted the arresting officer.

Barnes is currently being booked by Manhattan Beach PD for the traffic violation, and for resisting an executive officer … a felony.

According to our sources … Matt was walking in Manhattan Beach around 8:30PM when he was first approached by Manhattan Beach PD — and when officers ran a check on him they discovered a massive $26,000 unpaid traffic warrant for driving on a suspended license.

We’re told Barnes made threats against one of the officers — which is why he got slapped with the felony for resisting.

Here is the video of Barnes being put in the back of the police car.