LSU Tyrann Mathieu Mad at the Critics So He Went on Crazy Rant on Twitter


I would consider this a red flag for any NFL team that is scouting the Honey Badger.

If he can’t take a little criticism in college what is going to happen in the pros? You want to prove you aren’t overrated do it on the field not Twitter.

If you decide to do it on Twitter don’t do it like this, you are embarrassing yourself.

They don’t play that where Mathieu is from?

Sounds so ignorant, like a spoiled child. You aren’t going to do anything to anyone, so just be quiet. Stop listening to Drake and being all in your feelings, no one cares.

People are going to write what they are going to write, your job is the play ball and if you are the greatest of all time people will see it, you won’t have to scream it on Twitter.

Mathieu sounds stupid and opened himself for even more criticism. Have a Capri Sun and chill.


  1. This is why I cringe when athletes (or anyone in the public eye) uses something like twitter. It allows one to be exposed as a dumb-ass.

    Isn’t this the same dude who photographed his “Jimmy” and put it out there for the world to see at one time ?

    He really is hurting himself…

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