Nick Saban’s Daughter Kristen Faces Lawsuit for Beating Up Sorority Sister

Sounds sexy.

Also sounds like Saban’s little girl has a temper like her dad. It doesn’t look like any charges were filed, but since the girl she allegedly beat up knew her dad has some cash a lawsuit has been filed.

The details of the lawsuit are hilarious.

A copy of the civil suit filed popped up on a message board Wednesday against Kristen Saban and boy is it insane.

I encourage you to read the entire thing, but I’ll try and give you an abbreviated version.

On August 28, 2010, Kristen Saban and some of her sorority sisters played power hour before going out to the bar. At the bar (Rounders) Kristen got mad at her boyfriend because he wasn’t paying enough attention to her. Kristen and her friends stayed until the bar closed, drove home and got into an argument because Kristen was whining. Later Kristen went into her room and wrote a Facebook message about Sarah Grimes. Sarah wanted to confront Kristen, but her friends cautioned her against it because of Saban’s “known violent nature and previous assault on others.” To the block quotes!

27. Sarah walked across the hall, with her phone in hand and knocked
on Kristen’s door with the palm of her hand saying, “You’ve got five seconds to
take it off, or I’m going to tell everyone that you punched Daniel (Kristen’s
former boyfriend) in the face last week. Try me.”
28. Kristen did not respond but opened the door seconds later waving
her phone in Sarah’s face, causing Sarah to move backwards towards Courtney’s
bedroom door.
29. Kristen was yelling, “I took it off, I took it off!”
30. Sarah responded, “That’s fine, but we’re done, you’re crazy.”
31. Kristen immediately used both of her hands and shoved Sarah into
the corner of Courtney’s open door, slamming Sarah’s head.
32. Sarah defended herself by pushing Kristen into the opposite wall,
saying “Don’t touch me.”
32. Kristen proceeded to punch Sarah Grimes multiple times in her
head and nose, and to pull Sarah’s hair, even though Kristen knew that Sarah had
really bad migraines from a prior head injury from an automobile accident.
33. By this time Meghan, who was outside in the parking lot, heard the
yelling and ran upstairs.
34. Sarah screamed “I’m calling the cops!”
35. Kristen’s grip on Sarah’s hair prevented Sarah from getting away
and they moved down the hall toward the kitchen as Sarah tried to get away.
36. After multiple blows to Sarah’s face, Hannah intervened and tried
to pull Kristen away but was unable to do so due to Kristen’s grip of Sarah’s hair
and Kristen refused to stop hitting Sarah.
37. The screaming woke up Beth Terry, who immediately jumped in to
help pull Kristen off from behind (Beth’s shirt was ripped and stained with
Sarah’s blood).

When it was over, there was a ton of blood and Sarah had a bruise on her temple the “size of a tennis ball.” The final damage was an “elbow contusion, a concussion, cervical strain, and headache.” Oh, and “Later, Sarah would be diagnosed with a deviated septum.” Sarah Grimes is seeking compensatory and punitive damages against Kristen Saban.

Sarah was warned not to mess with the Saban girl and she got a tennis ball knot on her head for her troubles.

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  • Cervical strain?

    • The neck kind, dimwit, not in her pelvic area!

  • Cervical Strain AND deviated septum…Christ, this sounds like an MMA match sponsored by Vivid videos..smh

  • Well Damn…Kristen Saban should join the UFC…she’s one mean bitch

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