University of Hawaii Missing $200k For Stevie Wonder Concert That Stevie Never Knew About

This is a bit of an odd story.

Wonder will Hawaii 5.0 get involved? Am I the only one who learned that 5.0 meant police from that show and then in future years NWO?

I know that has nothing to do with what is going on at the University of Hawaii but I was curious.

The University of Hawaii has placed athletic director Jim Donovan and Stan Sheriff Events Center Director Rich Sheriff on indefinite leave while it tries to figure out what happened to $200,000 that was put towards hosting a Stevie Wonder concert to benefit Hawaii athletics.

The gig ended up getting canceled because — get this — Wonder was never actually informed that he was supposed to be doing a show in Hawaii. Apparently someone forgot to have the contract signed, sealed and delivered.

I know where that $200k went to…….