Dolphins Officially Release Chad Johnson

There was simply no way for Chad Johnson to get out of this. Once again, it had to less to do with him getting arrested and more to do with the new Dolphins coaching staff not wanting to deal with the questions and attention it would bring to the organization.  It was one thing if the questions were because of his clowning around, but with domestic violence there was no one the Dolphins wanted to deal with that every single day.

If he was a younger more productive player they would have kept him around, but simply put they didn’t want to deal with the headache.  When you are an older player and coming off a bad year, you can’t have these type of things happened.

Is it fair?

No, but life isn’t fair and Chad brought all this spotlight on himself, so it comes with the territory.   He knew he couldn’t make any mistakes and he made a big one and it cost him.

The gift and the curse of Chad Johnson, the same thing that got him signed got him fired.

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