Government of St. Martin Wants The $90k Back They Paid for Chad & Evelyn’s Wedding


This is become Tiger Woodish for Chad Johnson.

The only problem is he doesn’t have $500 million to soften the blow.

He has his domestic violence case, his wife filed for divorce, he is looking for a NFL job, women from his past are trying to get their 15 minutes of fame, one of his homes close to be foreclosed on, construction worker suing him and now this.

The government of St. Martin may seek to regain money back from Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada, after it paid for publicity to be part of their now defunct VH1 show, “Ev & Ocho,” according to the St. Martin News Network.

The website reports that Johnson and Lozada signed a contract with the government that gave the couple about $90,000 to hold their wedding on the Caribbean island, which in turn was intended to boost tourism in the area when the nuptials aired on VH1.

The publication also writes that Finance Minister Roland Tuitt confirmed that if the VH1 reality series “Ev & Ocho” does not air, the island nation will “go ahead and retrieve the monies invested in Johnson’s wedding.”


  1. This is become Tiger Woodish for Chad Johnson.

    It’s Tiger Woods-ish…use a spell check, for goodness sake. Otherwise, hire someone (anyone) to be an editor!

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