Jerry Sandusky Unhappy With Sanctions Against Penn State.

Why is he even allowed to speak? Apparently someone in jail allowed Sandusky to use the phone because he was able to communicate to his attorney Joe Amendola, that he is so “distraught” over Penn State.

Attorney Joe Amendola told The Associated Press in a phone interview that Sandusky told him that even if people believe he is guilty of the crimes for which he was convicted in June, it would be ”ridiculous” to think Penn State administrators engaged in a cover-up.

“He said, ‘To do what they’re doing to Penn State is so unjust,'” Amendola said. “He loves the program and he loves the university.”

Sandusky has been convicted in 45 out of 48 charges that were made against him and is currently in solitary confinement for his own safety. Sandusky has apparently asked to be let in general population and is writing an argument for his next trial to prove his innocence . Sandusky, needs to do more than to say its “unjust”. He has yet to apologize for any of the torment the victims,the victims families or Penn State have been through because of his own selfish reasons. The first thing out his mouth should have been an apology, because of him an entire football program and one of college football’s greatest coach has been dishonored and lost credibility; victims have been hurt and will have that pain for the rest of their lives and no one can ever take that away. The entire situation is truly sad.

Again, who told Sandusky he could speak?

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