Jim Boeheim Says Lebron James Might Be Better Than Michael Jordan


Settle down, settle down….

Before you go crazy just remember one thing. Lebron is only 27 years old. His story is still being written, not saying his book will ever be better than Jordan’s, but try to understand what Boeheim is saying.

“I’ve always thought Michael Jordan was the best player that I’ve ever seen,” Boeheim said, according to the Syracuse Post-Standard. “I always have and and I didn’t think it was close. I’m not so sure any more. And I love Michael Jordan. I’m not so sure anymore. This guy is 6-foot-9 and 260 pounds, and he’s getting better. He works on his game. His shooting is getting better. He’s a phenomenal, phenomenal basketball player. I love this game, I love the history of this game. I know we’ve had great, great players through the years. He’s like Magic Johnson with Michael Jordan-type skills as well.”

Lebron would need to go on a run of titles before he is even in the discussion.

Currently, he just bypassed a lot of players who never won a ring, now he needs to chased down the legacies of multiple ring holders.  He has time, but as well all know time flies by.

If he ever gets to the 3,4,5 ring stage, who knows maybe it will be a valid debate between The King and his Airness, but now it isn’t.