Lesbian Basketball Player Arrested for Lying About Being Stabbed In a Hate Crime

You have to be really crazy to stab yourself to prove a point.

Charlie Rogers is crazy.

The former Nebraska basketball player said three men came into her home and did this.

Rogers, a lesbian, said one man pinned her down while another sliced a cross into her chest, cut the front of her thighs and shins and carved derogatory words in her arms and abdomen. She claimed they then rolled her onto her stomach and cut her buttocks, the back of her thighs and the back of her right calf.

The gay and lesbian community were appalled by this alleged attack and rallied around Rogers The police launched a full-fledged investigation to find the three masked men who did these awful things and classified it as a hate crime.  The FBI was called in and a lot of money was spent.

Here is what the police found.

During a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Peschong said he revealed more details about the investigation than normal so the public can have a better understanding of what led to authorities’ conclusion.

Among them:

» A coroner’s physician and a forensic pathologist said the cuts were either self-inflicted or done by someone with Rogers’ cooperation. They made their determination after viewing photos of the cuts, saying they appeared superficial and symmetrical, avoided sensitive areas of the body, would have taken considerable time to do and were within her reach.

» Rogers purchased zip ties, a box cutter, box cutter blades and white gloves from a local hardware store five days before the alleged attack. A store clerk picked Rogers’ photo out of a lineup as the person who made the purchase, and police were able to match merchandise identification numbers on the items.

» No male DNA was found on a pair of white knit gloves Rogers said were left behind by the attackers. Her DNA, however, was found inside the gloves.

» No blood was found on the covers of the bed where Rogers said the men bound and held her while they carved the epithets into her body. In her version of the attack, blood would have been present.

» Among the cuts Rogers said were made by attackers was one of a cross on her chest. Police learned she had shared a photo of a similar cut on her chest with a friend about a month before the alleged attack. When questioned, Rogers said the first cut was made by a relative but not reported to authorities. The relative denied the accusation.

Rogers is looking at a year in prison for lying, she would get a lot more time than that if I was the judge and a psychiatric evaluation.

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