Report: Maurice Jones-Drew To Miss a Couple of Regular Season Games


I tend to believe that MJD will be back before the first game of the season.

He gets light work in the first couple of games and then takes his starting job back for Rashad Jennings. ESPN’s Adam Schefter believes though he may sit out a few games before coming back to the team.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Jones-Drew missed the first game or two. Usually these holdouts get settled around Labor Day. That’s always an important time in lingering contractual issues. But something tells me this one will go a little longer, partly because of the strong comments that new Jaguars owner Shad Khan has made. Jones-Drew is a proud man, and Khan is a strong, successful man, and that equates to a late reporting date.

Then, what should be a concern is Jones-Drew pulling a leg muscle. How many holdouts have we seen where the player tweaks a hamstring or quad muscle in his first week back? My sense is you’ll get a couple of games out of Jennings in your fantasy league, and possibly a bit more.