Cowboys Still Considering Dez Bryant on Punt Returns

You would think in the last three years the Cowboys would have found a suitable punt returner. Dez Bryant isn’t an elite punt returner like say Devin Hester, plus he injury prone, so this would be a dumb move.

But wouldn’t be the first or last one the Cowboys have made.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett indicated that there’s a chance wide receiver Dez Bryant will return punts against the Giants next week.

“If he’s the best guy, and he’s healthy, we’ll give him a chance to do it,” Garrett said per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Those guys have to be reliable, first and foremost, in taking care of the ball. And then you obviously want to evaluate their playmaking ability after that. Dez has shown that he’s capable of doing both, and if he’s healthy, we’ll give him a chance to do it.”