Floyd Mayweather Says He Has No Beef With 50 Cent; Claims He’s Changed Man

Mayweather is taking the high road in this situation with 50 Cent. I tend to agree with him that if you are really friends, you don’t run to the media and air out your differences like 50 did.

But, this is something Mayweather should have been aware because 50 does this all the time. His loyalty only seems to be to himself and once he doesn’t have any use for you anymore he is quick to turn on you.  He also loves to manufacture beef to bring more attention on himself.

Floyd doesn’t seem to want to engage in the back and forth. He made a couple of comments about the situation, but more to try to defuse it than anything else.

Here are a few of his quotes per the Christian Post.

“Like I said before, no matter what he says about me in an interview, I’m always going to be positive. After my incident, it made me look at life in a total different way,” Mayweather said. “When you hear things, like they say, ’50 Cent went out there and done an interview and 50 said this and said that,'” well, if he’s my real friend, no matter what he says about me, I’m still going to conduct myself in an orderly fashion.”

“Real friends go through ups and downs and I don’t believe in putting the media or the public in my business with my friends. So no matter what he said about me, I’m never going to speak negative about him.”

Looks like Mayweather is more of a friend to 50 than 50 is to him.  With that being said, Mayweather is handling the situation the right way. Starting a public beef with someone like 50 Cent who likes to get off on that type of stuff would only be counterproductive to Mayweather.

As far him being a changed man time will tell. Considering he is still having domestic dispute issues even after he has gotten out of jail, you could say the jury is still out on him.