Knicks J.R. Smith Tells a Bunch of Kids He’s Going to Kick Jeremy Lin’s Ass

Curious who was the person who thought it would be a good idea to bring in J.R. Smith as a motivational speaker for the youth?

I don’t even blame J.R. for his comments they were to be expected, but the administrator who signed off on this, might have been high at the time.

According to Hoopsvibe J.R. was speaking to a group of kids at the Monroe Sports Center when he let them know he was not only going to kick the Houston Rockets’ ass, but also Jeremy Lin’s ass.

See, J.R. has a problem with the fact that Lin is making tons of money off a month of good work and J.R. by comparison is making NBA minimum wage even though he has has a far more decorated career.

He shouldn’t be mad at Lin, he should be mad at himself for his own bad negotiating skills or the teams that are willing to pay players like Lin big money based on potential and marketing prowess.

I can’t confirm or deny if J.R. talk to the kids about dating Twodels, smoking blunts or starting riots in China, that maybe in next session.

One thought on “Knicks J.R. Smith Tells a Bunch of Kids He’s Going to Kick Jeremy Lin’s Ass

  • He’s a pure idiot. Jeremy Lin is his ex team mate so he shouldn’t be his enemy. Plus the Knicks seldom play the Rockets so why is he targeting Jeremy Lin? He should be kicked out of the NBA for being just plain stupid.

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