Rex Ryan Says The Media Won’t Dictate Tim Tebows Playing Time

Rex Ryan enjoys being in control.

He was in control when he made the trade for Tim Tebow.

He was in control when he suggested that Tebow would be involved in the offense during special packages.

Today Rex let it be known to the Newark Star Ledger that he not the media will determine if and win Tim Tebow plays.

“We control it,” Ryan said. “The media’s not gonna drive it and the opponent, they’re not going to have any idea what we’re going to do with them. I’m certainly not going to let them know hey, by the way, Tebow is going to play 50 snaps this week.

“I’m never going to give you a legitimate answer. I know the answer but I’m not going to give it to you.”

“When you look at this past game, we only had those three Wildcat plays but really the Wildcat is a personnel grouping,” Ryan said. “And sometimes you want to go with that personnel grouping and sometimes you don’t.”

“That’s it. I’m happy he’s here I can tell you that much. As we’ve said from Day One, this guy’s a good football player. We’re not going in saying ‘This guy has to get X amount of snaps,’ that’s not what we do.”

Rex loves the media and uses them for all the attention whoring he can muster, but we will not dictate to Rex how and when he gets the attention.

We hear you loud and clear Rex.