Dwyane Wade’s Knee Still Not Fully Recovered From Knee Surgery

The one thing we know about the Heat is Lebron James is 100% in his prime and the undisputed best player in the NBA. That fact alone makes them the favorite to repeat.

With that being said they do have some issues to address.

Ray Allen has already admitted that he won’t be 100% any time during the season because of lingering ankle issues. Then you have D Wade who had knee surgery early in the offseason and was suppose to be recovered from it within 4-6 weeks.

Almost three months later he is still struggling with the knee.

He will never be the D Wade of old, but they still need All-Star level D Wade if they plan on going back to back. According to D Wade he will be alright, but you have to wonder.

“I understand that it’s a process and I’m going to take that process and be … I’ve been here before, guys, so I know what to do. I’ll be all right,” Wade said. “I went all the way around the block just to go next door.”

Maybe he is just being cautious, but the Heat better hope that his knee isn’t on its way to Odenville.