Nets Want D-Will Or Joe Johnson On Court At All Times

The Brooklyn Nets are starting to feel themselves now.

Head coach Avery Johnson thinks his Nets are so good, that he won’t employ a regular second unit, and one of his two star guards will be on the court at all times according to the New York Post.

“We’ve made a concerted effort to have them playing together in practice, drills, scrimmages, and then we have to figure out which one of those guys we want to lead our second team — because we’re not going to play a true second team this year,” Johnson said after yesterday’s practice. “We don’t think we can have Deron and Joe out of the game at the same time, so that’s something else we’re trying to develop.

Well all I have to say to a backup point guard on the Nets trying to get minutes is good luck.

You might want to look elsewhere.

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