Roddy White Tells Kids of Mays High School to Trust Their Power

We make fun of Roddy a lot, but he did a very good thing here.

The kids of Benjamin Mays High School were given the surprise of a lifetime when NFL player Roddy White enrolled for an afternoon. As a wide receiver in the NFL, Roddy knows he needs to trust the power within himself, but he’s never had to rely on it quite like this. During the day, Roddy filled the role of cheerleader, band member, teacher and coach. Leading by example, he provided the kids with anecdotes about what it means to trust the power within. Then, after spending the day off the field, he returned to what he’s most comfortable with – football – where he surprised the school with a major donation of items that will give students the tools they need to trust their power both on and off the field, including football equipment and gear for the team, as well as Texas Instruments calculators, Maglite flashlights, and a Zoll Automated External Defibrillator.

What is the Duracell Trust Your Power program?

The Duracell Trust Your Power program is helping inspire consumers to trust the power within to achieve their dreams while helping future generations through on and off the field donations across the country.

  • Duracell, the Trusted Battery Power of the NFL, has teamed up with All-Pro Linebacker Patrick Willis to share his inspiring journey in this video and encourage fans to trust the power within to achieve their dreams.
  • Fans can tweet with the #TrustYourPower hashtag or share a story of trusting their power on Duracell’s Facebook page, and Duracell will make a $1 commitment to provide disadvantaged youth scholarships to ProCamps.
  • Duracell will continue to make surprise visits to underfunded schools across the country, providing them with the equipment and battery-powered devices they need on and off the field