Dez Bryant Breaking Curfew With Delonte West at Dallas Nightclub

The Dez Bryant rules no longer in effect?

A portion of the rules were as followed:

• A midnight curfew. If he’s going to miss curfew, team officials must know in advance

• No drinking alcohol

• He can’t attend any nightclubs or strip clubs

The tweet below confirms (I have also confirmed with sources that Bryant was having a great time in a private booth) that Bryant is in violation of Jerry Jones’ guidelines.

Add in the currently unemployed Delonte West to the mix and it probably is a movie.

Dumber and Dumber…..

Bryant is listed as questionable for Sunday’s night game with the Falcons with a bad hip. Must not be too bad since he is currently two stepping at Privae.

I always thought the Dez Rules were dumb, he is a grown man you can’t stop him from “Making a Movie” at the club. At this point he is what he is, Cowboys are just going to have to deal with it.


Call me crazy, but someone might have alerted Dez he was busted.

It appears Dez was giving permission by his adviser.

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