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Dez Bryant’s Mother Angela is Only 37 Years Old; History of Their Strained Relationship

As we try to sort out what exactly happened between Dez Bryant and his mother Angela, note that their relationship is a complex one.

She had Dez at a very young age with a much older man. All of this came to light when Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland asked Bryant was his mother a prostitute and his father a pimp before the 2010 draft. At the time many myself included thought the questions were out of line (I still do). Can you imagine being a 21-year-old young man and listening to someone ask you if your mom was one of your Dad’s hookers? But, this is something that Dez Bryant has had to deal with the majority of his life.

What can’t be denied is that there has always been a strain on the relationship between Bryant and his mother based off her addictions and arrests in the past. Dez was force to grow up a lot quicker because his mother simply wasn’t there for him. It makes sense now when Bryant came into a lot of money and fame that he didn’t know the best way to handle it. Who did he have to turn to? Deion Sanders tried, but fail. His crew are a bunch of yes men, the women just use him for his name. When you have no one that can be your anchor, it is so easy to have your ship go off course.

Angela Dianne Bryant, mother of Cowboys top draft choice Dez Bryant, has had two brushes with the law in the Lufkin, Texas, area during the last two years, according to Department of Public Safety records.

The incidents came a decade after her previously reported arrest in 1997 for selling crack cocaine. Angela Bryant pleaded guilty and served 18 months of a four-year sentence.

In May 2008, Angela Bryant pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of supplying false information about herself to a police officer. She paid a $250 fine in addition to $224 in court costs.

The second arrest occurred in April 2009 and again involved the possession and sale of crack cocaine, according to Lufkin police.

Three months after the arrest, Angela Bryant pleaded guilty to two charges of the delivery of a substance in Penalty Group 1, which includes cocaine, and one charge of possession of a substance in Penalty Group 1. She received deferred adjudication and was put on probation for 10 years.

That strained relationship with his mother is putting Dez Bryant’s football career in jeopardy. Unfortunately in the African-American community you see these types of parental relationships far too often.

Women having children when they are just kids themselves while the father is nowhere to be found.

Drugs, violence, alcoholism have destroyed so many families. It is amazing Bryant has come this far (while he has had some issues, this is technically his first arrest), but there are some deep unresolved issues that need to be address before sometimes something really bad happens.

No matter the history you should never put your hands on your mother or any woman for that matter unless you feel your life in danger. From the witnesses accounts and the 911 call that doesn’t seem to be the case in this incident. What is really concerning to me is when you listen tot he 911 call it sounds like this isn’t the first time an altercation has taken place.

This is a very sad situation that goes beyond the football field.

Whatever emotions Bryant is feeling towards his mother that are bottled up inside he needs to find a way to deal with them and deal with them quickly, because these type of incidents are warning signs.

Don’t ignore them.