Lions Suspended Titus Young For Sabotaging Passing Offense

Titus Young had a lot of potential coming out of Boise State, but potential to be a head case was not something I expected.

Young was deactivated from the Thanksgiving day game against the Texans, which led to two assistant coaches getting into a heated argument over the receiver.

Specifics were never identified as to why the coaches were fighting, or why Young was suspended for a game.

Pro Football Talk via the Free Press now can provide some insight into the situation.

According to reports, Young tried to sabotage the Lions passing game on purpose.

Dave Birkett of the Free Press reports that Young lined up in the wrong spots on the field several times during a loss to the Packers in week 11.

Before the final possession of that Packers loss, Young reportedly was disrespectful towards receivers coach Shawn Jefferson.

The reported sabotage from Young took place because he was upset about not getting enough balls thrown his way.

Lions All Pro wide receiver Calvin Johnson reportedly is not feeling Young, and would like to move on without him.

“It was nice to see some new playmakers in there making plays,” Johnson told the Detroit News. “We are going to keep progressing with these new guys in our receiver group.”

If Titus Young really is guilty of doing what the Lions and teammates accused him of, I’m not really sure how you can come back from that.

Some things in team sports are unforgivable in my opinion, and doing this on purpose that can cost your team to lose without a care in the world is the worst.