RG3 Says Alfred Morris Is The NFL’s Offensive Rookie Of The Year

Robert Griffin III has taken the NFL by a storm in this his rookie season.

RG3 is being considered for Offensive Rookie of the Year and NFL MVP, but if you ask Griffin III his opinion, he thinks his rookie running back Alfred Morris is the Rookie of the Year according to ESPN.

In an interview on NFL NetworksNFL AM,” RG3 said he would vote for Morris.

“My vote would go to Alfred Morris, because I wouldn’t vote for myself. I think that’s extremely conceited and I’m not that person, so I’d vote for Alfred Morris,” Griffin told the NFL Network. “He’s my running back, he’s had a very quiet but very great season for a running back, and I’m proud to have him on this team.”

Morris is having a great rookie season, and Griffin III is not far off in his assessment.

Morris may actually be the most valuable Redskin at this point.

He’s provided the Skins with a running game they really didn’t expect to have at this point.