Shaq Buys a House a Couple of Miles From His Mansion, I Wonder What For….


According to TMZ Shaq bought him a $235k house (chump change for him) 30 miles from his mansion in Orlando.

Shaq could be renting it out or just want a smaller place to crash after a night on the town or…….

This is commonly called a Jumpoff house, meaning that athletes and entertainers don’t want their mistresses or sidepieces insider their regular home where their kids and family hang out so they buy a smaller property to get their Ron Jeremy on.

Very common among millionaires.

I wonder what his Ex-Girlfriend Hoopz thinks about this who is now offering personal trainer services?

Would you like to work out with Hoopz?

Here are 3 NSFW pics of her.




More pics of her.

The Marlon

Picture 17 of 20

Hoopz winner of the Flavor of Love


  1. so friggin what? to one his own, leave the poor guy alone. if he wants to live like a normal human being, so be it.

  2. @TorontoBULL….FOX73,COM. is the website. They train you so you dont need experience and it’s all work athome. $15.50 hourly

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