Terry Bradshaw Apologizes For Saying Reggie Bush Was Chasing a Bucket of Chicken


No reason to not believe what Bradshaw is saying.  Here is his explanation for his on air gaffe.

“I’m so sorry if I hurt anybody and I’m shocked I’m in this position.

Bradshaw said the comment was just part of a running joke Sunday that Johnson’s “big thing is chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken. He won’t share it with anybody.”

Jimmie Johnson backs us the story.

Like I said on Twitter it was  just a bad analogy at the wrong time with the wrong player. He apologized and there is nothing more that should be said.

We all make mistakes, Bradshaw’s mistake in my opinion wasn’t malicious or racist.


  1. Being a black male, I’m sick of “journalists” or internet writers saying almost anything is racist. It feels as if these writers are purposely trying to water down real charges of racism so that they cannot be distinguished from clear instances of non-racism. Bradshaw clearly says “Look at this, Jimmy. Like YOU was chasing that bucket of chicken.” The “like you” refers to Jimmy. Damn shame. Now when I or other minorities encounter real racism, people will brush it off by referencing those times, such as these, where people cried wolf (claimed something was racist when it was not). Real racism still exists. This is not an instance of it. I’m sick of the faux outrage. Stop it. (I’m not saying Robert is doing that in this case, but several other bloggers are.)

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