4’5 5th Grader Plays On Varsity HS Basketball Team After Scoring 91pts in 3Qtrs (Video)


Remember this name: Julian “Handles” Newman.

We’ve all heard of, or have seen kids who were light years ahead of their peers on the court/field, in the classroom, or in the music room. We call these kids phenoms.

Julian Newman is just that.  After scoring 91 points in three quarters in a middle school game, the 5th grader was promoted to his high school basketball team at Downey Christian School in Orlando, FL.

Julian starts at point guard for the team that is coached by his father Jamie Newman, who tells MaxPreps that Julian has been playing against older guys since he was 3.

“He has a tremendous skill level,” Jamie said. “He has moves that even NBA players don’t have. He does stuff that hasn’t been done before with the ball.”

“I was a little concerned that the physical aspect would be a factor, but the thing is, people can’t stay in front of him,” Jamie Newman said.

And little Julian is already making plans for the future…

“Of course he wants to play at Kentucky,” Jamie Newman said.

If you look at the video, the kid has obvious raw talent and impressive fundamental skills for a high school player let alone a 5th grader. He seems to have a certain swagger on the court that I rarely see, especially in a boy so young.

It will be interesting to see where “Handles” is in 6 years. I will definitely remember the name though.


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