Brandon Jacobs Plotted to Get Released From 49ers, But Niners Sniffed Out His Scheme

Don’t be surprised if you never see Brandon Jacobs play in the NFL again. Don’t think teams aren’t paying attention to how he intentionally tried to sabotage the 49ers to get back with the Giants.

It is like leaving your wife for your mistress and then telling your wife you made a mistake while still living with your mistress.

A friend of Jacobs (who can’t be a very good friend if he is snitching like this) told the NY Daily News about Jacobs plot. Here is the quote courtesy of Pro Football Zone.

Brandon Jacobs realized very early this season that “he never should’ve left the Giants,” according to one of his friends. And he was hoping, the source said, that after his Instagram rant about “rotting away” and hating his boss, that he’d get cut so he could call Giants GM Jerry Reese as soon as he cleared waivers and set up his triumphant return.

49ers knew what Jacobs was up to and suspended him instead of releasing him, so he couldn’t go back to Giants, even though I don’t think the Giants would have taken him back.