Danny Ainge Says There’s Just No Excuse For The Way The Celtics Are Playing

The Boston Celtics are struggling this season, and this was not the plan Danny Ainge, Doc Rivers and the Celtics had when they decided to retool and go for one more one.

The Celtics are 13-12, go through spouts where they lack aggression, and simply looking old at times.   Celtics president Danny Ainge was on WEEI 97.3’s Green Street Blog, and voiced his frustration  with the Celtics.

As Ainge put it, “there’s just no excuse for the way the Celtics are playing.”

 “We’ve got to prevent those runs by other teams and those droughts that we have at the offensive end and giving up so many lay-ins on the defensive end,” Ainge said. “There’s just no excuse for the way we’re playing. Yeah, you need to take time to find out who we are, but there’s no excuse for giving up 32 points in the paint in a half against Chicago, and there’s no excuse for giving up a 17-0 run to Cleveland.”