Jarrett Jack Says Playing With CP3 Ain’t Got Sh*t To Do With His Improvement

Jarrett jack and chris paul

Golden State Warriors Jarrett Jack is having a career after being simply average on his four prior teams.  Jack is averaging 12 points a game and 3 assist.

Jack and Chris Paul were teammates on the Hornets and have a good relationship since college and entering the league the same year.

Jack was traded to the Hornets in 2010 and actually spent a lot of time with Paul and his family.  Jack and Paul played one season together before CP3 was traded to the Clippers and the rest is history.

Jack was recently asked by Ethan Strauss of Warriors World about his time playing with Paul, and whether it helped his game improve.  The response may shock you.

jarrett jack on chris paul

Do I think Jack was trying to be malicious in his response?  No.  I think Jarrett Jack is a very prideful dude and spoke his honest truth.  I’m in no position to question his work ethic.

Don’t act like playing with CP3 doesn’t help your game a little bit though.