Monday Night Football Recap: Giants vs Redskins

Redskins: 17

Giants: 16

An old school NFC East throw down pitting two long standing rivals against each other under the glaring lights of Monday Night Football.

A close victory by the Redskins which takes thto a 6-6 record and a solid place in the NFC playoff race . The night was a back and forth event from start to finish, it kicked off with a pretty touch down off a fumble which was ran in by Josh Morgan, and pulled the Skins ahead 7-3 over the Giants. But Master Eli responded back with a big play of his own, meeting Martellus Bennett in the endzone and putting the Giants up 10-7.

The Skins were down 16-10 at the start of the 4th quarter and it was the Giants that seemed to have all the momentum. But RG3 met up with Pierre Garcon to take a 17-16 lead which would stick. Poor clock management by the Giants resulted in what turned out to be a much too easy Redskins win, considering how much both teams fought tooth and nail up to the final minute in the game.

The Redskins have clinched a pivotal victory, not only have they gotten over their MNF hump–losing in 5 straight MNF games previous. But more importantly the Skins are just one game behind the Giants at 6-6 and have established themselves as true contenders, not just for the wildcard but the division.