34 thoughts on “Photos: Colin Kaepernick’s Scorned Ex-Girlfriend Corban Fennell

  • As they say in the hood…she got got….just move on

  • Uhh… He could do better. Needs an upgrade immediately!

    • Double Stamp

  • Vero-I would like to see your face.This girl is hot by all standards.So he needs an upgrade cos he’s a starter now.You are what’s wrong with society.No one even knows if they broke up.Let them be.All couples quarrel.

    • 1000% agree. She is a straight up 8.5. Face, meh, body nice but he can definitely do better.

  • You sure she is the ex cos just tweeted about Miami who Colin are playing this weekend.Just saying. I think they are together.

    • thanks man, that’s my cousin . those are my friends ya know , the media is a trip lol

      • So are they back togetehr or did they even break up in the first place.She tweeted on fooball yesterday. If I just broke up I wouldnt tweet support of my ex’s job(Colin is QB).I undrstand why celebritites keep thngs private.

  • She wrote this on her instagram today.Think they made up.”You think I’m gona wait around I ain’t got all day. You don’t need another lover. Dont you let it go. I already got it covered let the others know.. (if you want it lets do it ride my piny my saddle is waiting come and jump on it) HAHAH #RECKLESS #MISSYOU #OKIMDONENOW” Even knowing he has women on the side.#smh

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