Privae Nightclub Being Investigated In The Wake of Cowboys Jerry Brown’s Death

Privae was the nightclub that several Dallas Cowboys were partying at before the fatal accident that left Jerry Brown dead and his teammate Josh Brent charged with intoxication manslaughter.

It is also the club that Dez Bryant was caught breaking curfew at several weeks ago. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission are now investigating the club for possible violations in wake of the tragedy

Here was the reason given for the investigation according to the Forth Worth Star Telegram.

TABC agents began their investigation early Saturday just hours after the crash.

“We’re establishing where they had been and if they were sold alcohol while they were drunk,” said TABC spokeswoman Carolyn Beck.

Beck said that agents will interview patrons, servers, bartenders and any other witnesses who were in the club. In addition, agents will gather receipts and also obtain any video from surveillance cameras at the club.

“The investigation could take days or it could take months,” Beck said.

If any violations are found Privae could be fined or their liquor license revoked. I am a proponent of not blaming the supplier, but the user. The club didn’t force Josh Brent to drink or get behind the wheel while intoxicated. That was his choice and he will have to live with it forever.