Vince Young wants Another Opportunity in the NFL

Vince Young is only 29, has two Pro Bowls on his resume and won a national championship for the Texas Longhorns. It shouldn’t be hard for him to find work in the NFL, right?

Apparently it is, as the once star signal caller has been a free agent since being cut by the Buffalo Bills this preseason. Apparently though, Young wants back in on the league.

And is willing to work for it.

During an interview with ESPN’s Outside the Lines, the quarterback had this to say about his playing status.

I made some mistakes. And when you have the type of mistakes that I have, being quarterback in the NFL, it can ruin your career. So right now, I’m trying to fight hard to give it another go, another shot,” Young said.

Apparently one of the key factors in Young wanting another opportunity is his financial situation, which reportedly isn’t the best.

If I was a NFL gm I might have to atleast consider working Young out, as he sounds motivated.

We’ll see if any team bites at some point.