Colin Kaepernick Model Girlfriend J. Marie Is Quite Impressive (Photos)


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No need to beat around the bush, the more famous you are the hotter girlfriend you can acquire   Kap had a pretty cute girlfriend before, but he dropped right after he got the starting gig with the 49ers.

You can see all of her bitter Tweets here.

With that being said you can’t say he didn’t upgrade.  His new lady is an up and coming model J.Marie.  If you honestly want to know about her life you can go to her website

If you are like me and just want to look at the photos they are above.  They haven’t been dating long, but our sources confirm they are an official couple.

Rumble Young Kap……Rumble….

j. Marie Colin Kaepernick Girlfriend

One thing though Kap, be sure to read this, you will thank me later.

The 10 Commandments For the Cheating Athlete

72 thoughts on “Colin Kaepernick Model Girlfriend J. Marie Is Quite Impressive (Photos)

  • Nice…..perks of being a star NFL QB

  • meh… not that impressive kaep. I’ve done better and I’m not in the SB. re-upgrade

    • Agreed! Not to mention my “friends” weren’t showin themselves on the web like they love the way they look more then anything else!! It jus came naturally! BUT, it is a great upgrade Kaep! Great job! Now win us FAITHFULS a Trophy & do yr thang!

  • She is pretty. But, Miranda Kerr, Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn are models. They have been in Vogue and Elle. They have also been a part of major high end ad campaigns. Taking a picture with your smartphone in front of a mirror makes you a pretty girl, who snaps a picture and posts it on Instagram.

  • daaaaaamn

  • It’s funny everyone keeps referring to Corban as my bestman’s ex gf andand they were never together. I’m friends with both and you guys need to find a better story please.

    • so why don’t you set the story straight then? what’s the story with this asian chick?

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