NFL Wildcard Predictions


Bengals vs. Texans -4.5

The Bengals are playing better football right now. They have won 7 of their last 8, while the Texans have lost 3 out of their last 4.

The Bengals has a Super Bowl worthy defense, but the offense still sputters at times. They don’t score TDs, they kick a lot of field goals.

If it was any other team going into Houston I think I would favor them, but the Texans have a chip on their shoulder and also the memory of beating the Bengals last year in the playoffs with a backup QB.

It wouldn’t be an upset if the Bengals won, but I just don’t see it happening.

Texans 26 Bengals 19


Vikings +7.5 vs. Packers

We know Adrian Peterson is going to run for a lot of yards.  It might not be 200, but he has his way with the Packers. This will be about Christian Ponder-Steele and his ability to make plays down the field with his arm.

If he can do that effectively and not turn the ball over I believe the Vikings will win, unfortunately I do not trust Ponder-Steele.

I think the Packers will play much better at home, while it will be close and the Vikings should cover the spread it won’t be enough to win.

Packers 28 Vikings 21


Colts +7 vs. Ravens 

Everyone will be emotional because this will be Ray Lewis’ last home game in Baltimore, but once that emotion wears down the reality will set in that the Ravens just aren’t as good as their reputation makes them out to be.

The Colts have nothing to lose and are flying high after last week win over the Texans.

I don’t think they just cover the spread, I think they win the game outright.

Colts 28 Ravens 24


Seahawks vs. Redskins +3

The Seahawks are the “hot” team everyone is talking about, but I get the feeling the Redskins aren’t getting enough love.  Yes, RG3 is hobble and the defense can be shaky at times, but at home I think they are a different team.

Also, I don’t believe in Seahawks as much on the road.  If this game was in Seattle, could have been a blow out, but because it is in Washington, I lean toward the Redskins in a game that comes down to the wire.

Redskins 21 Seahawks 20

One thought on “NFL Wildcard Predictions

  • I LIKE The Bengals becuz I feel their Defensive FRONT SEVEN can make life Miserable for the Texans NON-ELITE QB (Production Wise…) becuz He’s PAID like AN ELITE QB with that Ridiculous Extension they gave him ($15M Annually…)

    I LIKE The Ravens becuz Flacco is WAAYYYY MORE Accomplished Playoff-Wise than Overrated A-Luck (YUP…) Regular Season TD/INT for These QBs —-> Flacco 22/10 and A-Luck 23/18

    The Packers will probably win becuz they GET CALLS At The Crib but I’m going with The Vikings despite Christian Ponder’s Short-Comings as a LEGIT NFL QB (MmmHmmm…)

    I LIKE The Seahawks mainly becuz RGIII is Gimpy (Right Now…) and The Seahawks Defense and SECONDARY is FAR SUPERIOR than Washington IMO

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