Tweets Suggests Manti Te’o Knew The Man Running His Catfish Girlfriend Account


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As we try to piece together what happened with Te’o  and his catfish girlfriend, some things are becoming clear. @justinrmegahan did some investigation and found tweets from this man @jayRahz (you can read them above) showing that he knew Te’o was being catfished and included him in several Tweets alerting him to the situation.

He explains in these recent Tweets what was going on at the time.

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He says that man who was pretending to be Te’o girlfriend was Ronaiah Tuiasosopo who according to Deadspin pretended to be a relative of Lennay Kekua.  A teammate of Te’o confirms that he knew that there was something fishy going on with his girlfriend for a long period of time.

This means one or two things. Either Te’o was in on with Ronaiah and they have some sort of relationship or Ronaiah just decided to pull a fast one on Te’o for his own amusement.  Deadspin claims that Te’o and Ronaiah are friends or know each other in some capacity. So the question beg why would Ronaiah Catfish his friend (this has happened on the show a couple of times)?

Furthermore, Te’o said he spoke for hours with a woman every night, if Ronaiah was running the Twitter, who was Te’o talking to?

No matter what you believe one thing is crystal clear. Te’o knew he was being catfished (or was behind it), he did nothing to alert the media that these reports about meeting his girlfriend at Stanford or her dying of cancer could be false. The question is why would Te’o allow that to take place?

Once again it could be one or two things. He was embarrassed and didn’t know how to get himself out of the situation or he and Ronaiah were the ones who created the situation as a cover for something else.

You will have to decide what you believe.

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  • It’s still early in the investigation but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Te’o and his partner created the fake girlfriend to hide the fact Te’o is GAY.

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