Alleged Skylar Diggins Naked Photos Hit the Net (Video)


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Worldstar Hip Hop claim the photos above were from Skylar’s early years at Notre Dame.  Here is what I know and then you can come to your own conclusions.

Skylar Diggins 13

About a week ago a gentleman contacted me claiming he had naked photos of Skylar Diggins.  He wanted $10k for the photos and at that point my reaction was this.

Lebron Laugh

The gentleman claimed that he would leak the photos and assured me they were real, not a fake like what happened to Skylar a couple of years ago.

I get offers like this almost daily, so I didn’t think much about it, but I guess he carried through on his threat. Probably a scorn ex-boyfriend if you believe that is Skylar in the photos.

For the record, I am not sure they are or not, maybe the Photoshop experts will figure it out.

8 thoughts on “Alleged Skylar Diggins Naked Photos Hit the Net (Video)

  • Who is Skylar Diggins???

    • This pretty ass girl that plays basketball for Notre Dame. I would like to marry her…

  • A photo of her twat aint worth the loose change in my pocket.

    • The dude that trying to put her on blast like that is a stupid asshole. If I had her picture and she send it to me only, I will keep it for myself.

  • This idiot is trying to make a profit off of a mistake the girl made in her youth. How shameful and how despicable. Grow up and find God. She was young and stupid and shouldn’t have to pay for it her entire life.

  • am I the only person who can tell that this is not Skylar Diggins in these pics, the giel is not as lean or as tall as Skylar, damn its fcked up how ppl would do anything for money

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