Ed Reed Reached Out To Tyrann Mathieu

ed reed reaches out to tyrann mathieu

The jury isn’t out just yet for Tyrann Mathieu, but people are still uncertain with what he has to offer a NFL team. Mathieu mission over the next few weeks is to try and persuade teams to invest in his stock during the draft pick. Baltimore Ravens Ed Reed has already reached out in attempts to provide Mathieu with some guidance. Reed has advises a few young players, helping them with their transition into the NFL.

“He never talked to me personally but he’s reached out to my adoptive parents,” Mathieu said Sunday at the NFL Combine. “He’s reached out to my agent and [former LSU defensive back and current Arizona Cardinals cornerback] Patrick Peterson.”

Mathieu isn’t the first person Reed has reached out.  Reed also works with South Carolina safety Christian Thompson, who was drafted by the Ravens in the fourth round.

“I’ve been to rehabs, I’ve been to counseling, I have a sponsor,” Mathieu said. “I’m surrounded by people who do what I want to do and that’s be a professional football player. I think the last few months have been going pretty good for me.”

Although certain critics are still skeptical about what Mathieu has to offer, it’s still good to see a veteran lend a hand to the future rookie.  No one is saying Mathieu will be the next Ed Reed, but a little guidance from the one of the best safeties to play the game certainly couldn’t hurt.