Is It Ok For Saints Pierre Thomas White Girlfriend to Call Him A N*gger?

Candace Damiani

I’m not one to judge professional athletes and who they sleep with. I don’t have the time or the energy to even attempt to keep track with who they pick to be their latest girl for the month let alone the week. However when you don’t set the proper guidelines early on, things like this occur.

New Orleans Saints running back Pierre Thomas is dating nursing student, dance teacher, aspiring chef, and YouTube video model Candace Damiani, just to name a few things off of her resume. Now the fact that he is dating her isn’t disturbing news. Athletes have a new pick of litter every other week. The fact that she uses the wrong “n*gga” is alarming, however.

Thomas keeps his online social accounts extremely professional. If it’s not related to football or his fans you won’t see anything from him, which is a good thing. Unfortunately he didn’t pick a female who shared  those same qualities. Her Twitter and Instagram accounts maybe low in followers, minus a few athletes, but that doesn’t mean she keeps personal information private. That would be too much like right. Cropping  an image can go a long way in preventing unwanted items from being discovered , unless you simply want it to be known. Hence the plane ticket below.

Candace is a chocolate lover and that’s fine. We welcome cornball brothers and lovers over here. I think that’s public knowledge by now. However because she is dating a black athlete does that justify her for using the word n*gga? Does that imply Thomas is fine with his girlfriend using such language and referring to him as one? This is what happens when you don’t set proper guidelines in the beginning. I’ll allow you to be the judge. Is this fair or foul?

Pierre Thomas Girlfriend Candace Damiani N--ga Tweet


18 thoughts on “Is It Ok For Saints Pierre Thomas White Girlfriend to Call Him A N*gger?

  • Honestly his ex girlfriend is alot prettier than this girl. I don’t know why exactly but I think it’s that mole… LOL sorry jersey girl.

  • omg this Candace chick be thirsty yall… She want Pierre but he dropped her. Now she piggy backing off his fame. Talking about omg this guy asked to take a picture of me cause recognized that hoe on this website. Girl that shit ain’t cute. Yo sit down chill… And get your own. Word of advice go to school and Finish… Stop being a groupie… You looking to thirsty… Need some attention much? Lol

    • Jealous. Much?

  • This is my cousin… shes not like that at all.. you are ignorant to think that any race can own a word.. i hear every race use this word.. it seems like you may just be racist againts the white rave and you dont like a black man being with a white girl.. if i were to say a word and follow with only white people can say this word, the first thing you would do is say the word

    • Yo u and your cuz thirsty…. Tell her to pop off the scene yo… Lol

  • The real issue isn’t Candace’s “thirsty” behavior, its the fact that apparently youre so engulfed in her life that you know what shes doing 6 months after the allegedly broke up. I admit that I crept on her twitter and Instagram, and honestly I didn’t she her coming off as “rachet” or “thirsty” in anyway. She actually seems intelligent. As for his ex, im sorry but I looked at both girls and putting their races aside, Candace is more attractive. So can we all just come to an agreement that this issue is dead and move on to the next?!

  • First of all one can’t help to look up her info online because after you read this article, one can only feel sorry for her. She was thirsty than while with Pierre and she thirsty now. As far as his first ex i personal think she look better than this mole looking, thirsty chick. Making the story simple and short she just leaves a bad taste on my mouth. I think that’s an agreement ;-).

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