Police Say Kenny Britt Still Not Cooperating In Friends Stabbing


Kenny Britt can be elite if he just gets his head on straight.  Those were the words of one Randy Moss while speaking about Britt.

The light may never go on for Britt, as evidence by the fact that he still is stonewalling New Jersey police regarding the stabbing of his friend last month.

A police spokesperson told the Tennessean that Britt still has not cooperated with police in the case.

“Mr. Britt has ignored our request for a meeting to discuss additional questions the JCPD has pertaining to the investigation,’’ Martinez said on Friday.

Britt’s attorney, Robert Lane, said police told him Britt was not a suspect in the stabbing or shooting and that there was “zero chance” of Britt being arrested.

Lane was unavailable for comment on Friday.