Terrell Suggs Suggests He Acquired Rights To Ray Lewis’ Life Story

suggs acquire rights to ray lewis life story

Terrell Suggs is a lot of things. Depending on whom you ask will decipher on what they choose to label him as.  Yesterday on The Dan LeBatard Show, Terrell Suggs opened up and gave some insight into who he is.

The top 5 interesting facts about Terrell Suggs:

  1. He is an emotional movie watcher. He cried while watching Lion King, along with a handful of other movies.
  2. He has co-written an executive produce his own movies. His latest movie is the Coalition.
  3. He has acquired the right to Ray Lewis life story.
  4. He can play PlayStation for 18 hours straight.
  5. He loves Rex Ryan.

In addition to the interesting facts, Suggs also confirms no one, not even Ed Reed, rolls their eyes at Ray Lewis when he’s speaking.

Suggs acquiring the rights to Ray Lewis’ life story was the most interesting fact, however.

 “A couple of years ago when I first started doing my films I said yo I’m going to do a movie on your life is that cool? He said as long as I get to play myself. I said ehhh you don’t have enough star power I’m going to The Rock.”

I’m  uncertain if he is joking or not, but if he’s serious that’s major.

Unless you’re a follower of Suggs, you may not have known he writes and produces movies. Suggs also has a new movie “The Coalition”  out on DVD now.  Coalition is a sexy drama that features a group of woman who were done wrong by professional male athletes and seeks revenge against them. I’m pretty sure locker room chatter helped inspire this movie.

Suggs is a prime example of why you don’t judge a book by its cover.